Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Creative Therapies

Working creatively is an effective way for some to communicate and express themselves.  This is usually done under the guidance of a qualified therapist in an effort to bring awareness and change to the one carrying out the creative therapy.

Creative therapies include art, music, and dance, as well as other activities. We'll explore these therapies here at This Holistic Life.

Jackson Pollack

Creative arts therapies share a commitment to the "expressive action that engages emotions in a direct and physical way; an ability to generate creative energy as a healing force for mind, body, and spirit; and a belief that the creative imagination can find its way through out most perplexing and complex problems and conflicts" (McNiff, 2005).

McNiff, S. (2005). In Expressive Therapies, Malchiodi, C. (Ed.). Guilford Press, New York, New York.

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