As a nursing student I had the privilege of being present for over 50 births; each of which took place in various hospitals and the majority of the mothers cared for by physicians.  Every birth was unique and equally amazing, and I was so honored to be present with those families during such a miraculous time in their lives.

My whole world changed when I was asked to be present for the birth of my dear friend's first child. She was being cared for by a Midwife who remained by her side, along with her husband, for the entire labor and delivery (over 10 hours!)  I had never witnessed this before!  This Midwife was a partner in the birthing experience; not a dictator, not an supervisor, not preoccupied until it was time to "catch" the baby.  She was a loving, gentle, supportive presence in the room the entire time.

I immediately knew that my own journey could be so much more than I had expected until that time. Having spent the previous year studying holistic nursing and various healing practices and complementary therapies, I began to put my studies into action.  I immediately changed care providers and prayerfully considered what I wanted my pregnancy and birth to be.

The year leading up to my pregnancy, my pregnancy, my labor and my birth were very spiritual experiences for me.  It was a time of deep self- discovery, love, care and responsibility.  I chose the path that I wanted my pregnancy and childbirth to take and I learned as much as I could about it.  I documented my journey and I found myself more empowered than ever before.

I had an amazing pregnancy, a natural, un-medicated labor, and delivered a healthy baby boy, with the very same Midwife that drastically changed my perception of labor and childbirth.  I was prepared and I was confident, and this is what I wish to share with other women.  Whether or not you desire to have an un-medicated labor and birth, I want to encourage, educate and empower you to make the choices that are best for you and your family.

I have developed learning tools and resources to accompany you throughout your pregnancy and motherhood journey.  And if you would allow me the space to be present for you at this time, I would be honored to support you and help you unapologetically choose the options that are right for you.

Being a work-from-home Mom has afforded me the opportunity to learn (and continue to learn) a thing or two about Motherhood.  The most important truth I've gained is that it's critical that we, as Mothers, diligently care for our Mind, Body, and Spirit.  It's the reason why I offer resources and services for Mothers as well.

Since my journey began, we have welcomed another beautiful baby boy into our family, and yes, I had another natural, un-medicated birth!  I also continuously study and enhance my knowledge to better serve you.

I live by the principles and resources that I provide you.  They are the foundation of my practice and the essence of who I am.  I am committed to sharing my passion with you and inspiring you to create the holistic lifestyle that you desire.

It would be my honor and privilege to work with you.  
Email me today to start your journey!

This Holistic Life

This Holistic Life is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Consulting and Resource Center focused on helping people live healthy, empowered lives on the go.  This online concept is designed to provide great resources and flexibility to meet your health and wellness needs.  

The Mission of This Holistic Life is:

  • to cultivate a holistic learning environment for people on the go
  • to provide practical holistic health and complementary therapy resources
  • to encourage and empower you to make informed holistic health and lifestyle choices
  • to promote health and wellness, self-care, stress reduction/elimination and relaxation

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