Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress, when we don't deal with it properly, can cause irritability, fatigue, changes in appetite, sleeping issues, and even skin problems. These five methods of relieving stress will help you stay happy and healthy through challenging times. 

1. Practice Yoga

Taking time to experience the rest and calm that come from the healing practice of restorative yoga is one way to reduce your stress levels, improving your overall health and well-being.
2. Use a Stillpoint
You can interrupt your body's stress cycle instantly with a stillpoint. A stillpoint is an effective and simple therapeutic technique originating from osteopathy and craniosacral therapy. In as little as 5 minutes a day you will be able to help unwind the harmful effects of stress on your body and mind.
3. Take a Bath
Very few things are as relaxing as sinking into a tub of warm water. DIY soak recipes are easy to make, and can turn your bath into a skin-softening, stress-relieving, at-home spa experience.
4. Have a Spa Day (or Week)
Pamper yourself with some effective stress-relief by scheduling a day at the spa. Or, if you have the time, treat yourself and take a longer spa vacation. 
5. Step Away From the Computer
Intense job stress is becoming more common in today's workplace.  But there are things you can do to calm your mind and body.

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