Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take a Moment for Yourself

Creative Strategies sure to bring you a little peace.

Feeling overwhelmed? Block the steady stream of life’s slings and arrows with this relaxation regimen. With practice and a few stolen moments, you’ll discover a state of inner calm.
3 minutes...Get Grateful Focusing on what goes right in your day (and pushing aside what goes wrong) flips a switch in your brain and helps you stress less. Think of three positives a day: Your latest batch of split-pea soup was perfection; your husband unloaded the dishwasher (and you didn’t even nag him); your child taught you something today (Really, the Styracosaurus was a plant eater? But he looks so ferocious!).
4 minutes...Ditch Some Chores Delete one thing from your to-do list that you just won’t get to anytime soon: organizing the garage, cleaning out the attic, digitizing all the old photos. Now cross off an obligation that takes a lot of your time but doesn’t really enhance your life: organizing that fund-raiser you were drafted into, calling back that frenemy who never has anything nice to say. Aah, suddenly your load feels a little lighter.
15 minutes...Lend a Hand Assisting a coworker who’s in over her head can separate you from your own worries. Research shows, too, that helping others enhances your general well-being: It improves self-esteem, reduces heart rate and blood pressure, increases endorphin production, bolsters immunity and buffers stress. And you’ll be a hero to someone—who may just swoop in and save you someday. 

This post was written by Teresa Palagano for WorkingMother.com.

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