Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Positive Thinking Exercises

4 Steps to prove self-worth and settle for nothing less than success

Today, millionaires, happy people, and celebrities have come forward to discuss their loyalty to positive thinking exercises. In fact, so many have pledged allegiance to the power of positive thinking that you’ve likely given it a try. However, what you’ve probably realized is what many of these celebrities and successful individuals have been saying all along — thinking positively isn’t easy.

Like any other skill, you have to learn positive thinking. And you need to have a list of positive thinking exercises that you can rely on to block out the negative and embrace the good in your life. Here are some positive thinking tips that may take some time to implement, but can change the way you think.

Positive speaking exercises

According to RN Center’s nursing library, positive speaking can help you achieve positive results. When you say phrases like “I can’t;” “I’m not good enough;” and “I’m a bad mother, worker, person, etc.,” you start to believe that this is the truth. Instead, convince yourself that you are good enough to succeed by not only telling yourself that you can, but also repeating your affirmations — tell yourself that you’re good enough to deserve success.

Positive thinking exercises

RN Center’s nursing library recommends using a popular psychotherapy tool — creating a positive thought. Let the negative thoughts that begin to overwhelm you act as a trigger for the positive thought you’ve stored in your mind. For example, train yourself that as soon as you begin to think a negative thought like, "I'm a failure," switch tracks to your pre-stored positive thought, which could be something like, "I'm a great friend and a hard worker." Thinking negatively has the same effect as speaking negatively — you begin to convince yourself that your life is negative; you can’t be happy! When you train yourself to consciously choose positive thoughts, you choose happiness.

Negativity exercises

Even when thinking positively, you will experience some negative events in your life. However, you can choose to use those negative events as teaching tools rather than dwelling on them as exhibits of your failure. When you think of a negative event, do so in an analytical, academic way. Pick out the problem, and determine how to correct it in the future. But most of all, remember that what happened is in the past, and dwelling on it can only mean more failure.

Praising yourself exercises

When you do something well, give yourself praise. Often times, we’ve been raised to think this shows vanity. It doesn’t! It shows that you love yourself and want to improve your well-being. Every time you do something well, repeat praise for yourself in your thoughts. Also, store those positive moments in your memory bank for the future, when you can dwell on them to remind yourself that you are capable and worthy of success.

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